Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Current Faves for Summer

Happy Tuesday Ladies!! 
Sorry this post is going up later than usual, but I had to get this out today! I am going away this weekend with my girls to Charleston and just an FYI, almost every item on this list is coming with me, which means I obviously had to share them with you!

Coola Sunscreen : I have been using this for YEARS. It is my favorite sunscreen to use on my face and I sometimes even use it as a primer. It is so lightweight, matte, and even minimizes the look of my pores! Literally the best ever, I promise you will love it!

Free People Dani Tank : I own this tank in two colors and Mary Kate owns it in three I believe. So between us both we have FIVE of them. I think that speaks for the tank itself. At just $20 -- you really cannot go wrong. It is so lightweight, flowy, and has just the right v-neck. My mom even says she likes it, so if its "mom-approved" it has to be good right?! 

Nars Tinted Moisturizer : I love a good tinted moisturizer in the summer months and this one is really lightweight and offers such good coverage for a moisturizer. It even has SPF in it so you can wear it to the beach, outside shopping, or just as an every day lighter foundation. It is one of the best formulas I have tried so far! 

Becca Swimmy : I really don't like bathing suit shopping and I can never find a bathing suit that fits how I want it to without feeling insecure. Well, that has all changed. This bathing suit is probably the most flattering suit and it hits and hides all the right spots! I have been on a hunt for a one-piece bathing suit that was both sexy, flattering, and had good coverage. This one is really perfect for all those things ! 

Tory Burch Miller Sandals : These sandals are a must-have. They are pricy for "flip-flops" but they last so long! This is my third summer in my Sand Patent ones and they look brand new! They really dress up any outfit while also keeping it simple and easy. 

Mario Badescu Spray : This Facial spray is probably something I cannot live without -- okay I know dramatic -- but it really is a game changer. I use it throughout the day to refresh my face and it even works as a setting spray. Oh and did I mention its also like 7 bucks?! So cheap and an all around great product. 

Leith Tank Dress : I live in tank and t-shirt dresses in the warmer months because they are so versatile and comfortable. They can be dressed up with wedges or dressed down with sandals! It makes it so easy to get ready when its hot out. This dress is so lightweight and fits great! I definitely want to get it in another color !

Baublebar Tassel Earrings : How fun are these earrings?! I haven't purchased them yet because I just bought a million earrings, but I have ones similar that I always wear. I love the colors they come in and they just look so fun and light! 

Loft Off the Shoulder Top : I have received so many questions about this top, so I decided to include it! I wore this the other night to dinner and fell in love with it even more than when I bought it. It is such a fun summer top and can be worth with blue or white jeans and even shorts! I loved wearing my white tassel earrings with it!! 

Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara : This mascara is a game changer!! I bought it because it was getting so many great reviews, but I have to admit, I was a skeptic. However, one use and I am hooked. It makes your eyes POP and seriously my lashes have never looked better. Definitely worth all the hype! 

I am so sorry this was such a long post!! I wanted to share all these things with you ladies so badly! Also, I am so sorry all the clothes I shared were black ... it is just my favorite color to wear. I promise they come in other colors!!! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Cutest Little Black Dress for Summer

Happy Tuesday ladies!! These photos were taken in Cape May, New Jersey which is one of my favorite places. Every year my family and I vacation there in the summer. It is so picturesque and very Victorian. Also, it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in New Jersey! I love taking the ghost tours and hearing about all the historical facts, it never gets old! It is so neat to learn so much about the state you live in and how much history it has to offer. 

Anyway! Onto the clothes, this dress is from Free People and I am officially obsessed with it. I already am planning on wearing it to a few events this summer! It really is the perfect summer LBD because of the embroidery and the way it just flows. Definitely an high price point but so so worth it! 

Also, this wooden clutch is a great dupe for a designer version that is over $200 -- I linked this option from Francesca's for $54 !! Such a steal and looks identical to the designer version. 

Have a great week!! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

White and Denim for Spring

Happy Tuesday!! 

I wanted to share this simple look with you ladies because I am loving white and denim this season. It always makes such a statement without being too bold. These jeans are my favorite from Express and I just love how  affordable Express Denim is and in my opinion is very flattering and TTS.  This white smock top from ASOS has been one of my best purchases this season. I love the tie detail in the back and I can't wait to style it a few different ways. 

Also!! My jeans and top are on sale and in stock!! Grab them ASAP !

I am headed to Charleston at the end of the month with some girlfriends for Memorial Day Weekend! I've been there twice for a day trip, so I don't know the area too well. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions ?? I would love to hear what you recommend !! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blogging Anniversary + Things We have Learned our First Year

We are officially one year old! Therefore we would like to take this time to share with you our experiences, the trials and tribulations, and some harsh truths that we have encountered throughout our journey. 

We were in Nashville here! Sometime the best photos are the ones you don't plan --  we love this pic! 
Over the past few years social media has become one of the biggest advertising markets. Blogging, Instagramming, and Tweeting are all avenues that have taken over the fashion industry, the food industry, and even traveling. Due to the high demand of this market, it is really difficult to find your niche, stand out, and become relevant in a market that is so heavily saturated. When we started this blog, we understood that our success and popularity was not going to be over night. However, we did not think it would be as difficult as it has been to be find ourselves in such a popular market. 

The biggest challenge has been finding the right marketing service to really help dive into our careers as bloggers. We had a vision when we started and realized that sometimes that vision needs to be changed but at the same time we need to stay true to ourselves and not get overwhelmed with being perfect. Working with companies, such as NJ SEO Services can really help to develop your blog and get the traffic it deserves. When we started this blog, we were convinced that just putting quality content out there and sharing it with both of our extended networks, eventually someone would notice us. However, that has not been the case. NJ SEO Services is a digital marketing agency in both New Jersey and Georgia. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates to where you come up in the search engine. From experience, we can both that we have hardly gone past the second page in a Google search, so why would anyone else? Dan Anton and Matt Anton started this company with the experience and care behind them to truly create a marketing agency with their customers image in mind. Just one click on their website and reading some of the testimonials by those who have worked with both Dan and Matt truly is inspiring. This company keeps the customer in mind and works with them to create a website that will generate the right type of traffic and keep up with the demands of their competitors. In the heavily saturated online market, NJ SEO Services works with their customers rather than for them to ensure a product that is reflective of the creator but can stand up to their competitors. 

In addition with finding the right marketing agency, staying focused and taking time out to decompress are also really good tips to not becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. Recently, we began doing yoga classes to mellow out and find our zen. I was never a huge fan of yoga because I felt the need to feel like I was working out rather than just stretching but Hot Yoga is extremely helpful and really feels like more than just stretching. I feel totally connected to my body, relaxed, and recharged. It has become something that really helps to destress and find focus. Because this market really puts your own self image out for the public to see, finding something that allows you to feel good about yourself and focused on just relaxing is really the only way to find success. Being present in our own lives and not just the ones we create online is truly the best way to recharge. 

In addition to taking time out to recharge and focusing on yourself, spending time with family and friends is crucial. Lucky for us, we are friends and a lot of our content comes from time spent together. However, taking a break from answering emails, responding to social media comments, commenting on posts, and posting in general, really allows for some of the best content to be created organically. For example, this picture below was taking after running a million errands together and heading to an appointment together, we stopped at a little local cafe for lunch. We had been trying so hard to get to Heartbeat Kitchen  for lunch and finally found a random day to go! We were not planning this, it wasn't something we thought would make a great picture for our blog, but it turned out to be an amazing and post-worthy experience! 


Finally, taking time out to be yourself and experience life organically makes the best posts and memories. This past weekend, I was with family down the shore celebrating our cousins birthday and I was completing disconnected from my blogging life and came home Sunday night recharged and ready to tackle the week. Sometimes focusing on what you need rather than what your blog needs allows you to spark some natural creativity. It works the same with writing. Sometimes the best way to tackle writers block is to step away and experience life rather than stressing about what your next post will be or how you didn't post anything that day. Sometimes when we stress about how we look online or what if this post doesn't get as many likes, we end up with content that we settled for or is too staged and planned. This is probably one of the best pictures I have taken and it was completely unplanned, with my brother, and its genuine. 


Even the one of the founders of NJ SEO Services takes time out of his busy schedule to spend time with his young daughter. Just a simple reminder to all of us to sometimes pause and enjoy the small fleeting moments in our lives.

Matt Anton pictured with his daughter
Remembering why we started this blog, what we hope to accomplish, and that we are here to inspire and give insights to is something that we need to keep remembering. We are not perfect, life is not perfect, we don't always look our best, or eat our best but people want something that is real and not something that is staged for a post. We still enjoy Chick fil A once in a while or even just lounging in our yoga pants and hoodies. When we started this journey we wanted to stay true to who we are and what we stand for and luckily a year later, none of that has changed. 

Always remember to keep your focus, make a plan, deviate from that plan if it makes sense at the time, enjoy your coffee, do your research, and be YOU. Never lose sight of your purpose for an Instagram like or a sponsored blog post. Stay true to you and success will come. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Obsessed with Blue and White

I have been waiting to wear this outfit for MONTHS now and finally decided to just go for it! I usually get so nervous wearing white pants because I spill everything all the time. However, I did it and they're still white!! 

Anyway, these white pants are by Hue and I got them at Nordstrom. A fun fact, they're, LEGGINGS that look and feel just like denim but stretch and fit like leggings. I have them in a few other styles because they're that comfortable. Also, this chambray top is so cute and versatile. I love it with the white because I feel like the blue just pops. It is such a summery outfit that I might just keep repeating it every time its not sweltering outside. I am linking everything at the bottom of this post so you can just click and order away! 

Finally, for all my fellow teachers out there who read this blog, HAPPY SUMMER! You all deserve a much needed break away from students and grading. I know I am looking forward to no more alarms and getting to drink coffee and eat on my own time! Cheers and enjoy! 

What is every one's plan for summer? I am headed to Nashville next week for my best friend's bachelorette! Anyone have any MUST sees for us?? I am super stoked! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Off the Shoulder Top and The Best Summer Clutch

Happy May Everyone!! 

I found this top at Nordstrom the other day, shocker I know, and I loved the color and lace scalloped detail! It is so light weight and very girly. I fell in love as soon as I put it on! 

I decided to style it with these ripped "jeans" that are actually leggings! They have pockets and everything and they're soooo comfy.
As far as accessories go, my Tory Burch sandals (a summer MUST), teal tassel earrings from Sugarfix, and this amazing Henri Bendel clutch that is one of my summer obsessions. The fun thing about this clutch is that it is actually a cosmetic case that I just use as a clutch. LOL. It was just tooo cute to pass up! 

What are your summer favorites? I am stocking up for some trips I have planned and would LOVE to see what everyone is loving right now.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Essential Spring Tops

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Spring has arrived !! Thank goodness it is no longer cold and dreary. In keeping with the spring theme I have put together the BEST spring tops of the season. All courtesy of Nordstrom and are the perfect tops for Spring and Summer. Some of these I own (1, 2, 3, 6, and 7) and the other two are definitely on my "Must Buy" list. 

1. Such a cute peplum tank and has almost a chambray feel to it! I can't wait to pair it with jeans and shorts for a perfect casual Saturday 
2. I love the peplum clearly! Also, I have this top in the gray-black color and it goes slightly off the shoulder at times because its a little oversized. I want to live in it. It is sooo comfy and effortlessly cute. Just the perfect feel for spring. 
3. This tank !!! I wore it shopping the other day (check insta for how I styled it) and I got sooo many compliments on it! It is so cute, flowy, and very comfy. 
4. This top is seriously the cutest and comes in several colors ands styles. This pastel pattern is my favorite though. I love the cold-shoulder look because it is so effortless, cute, and slightly sexy. 
5. This shirt combines the basic t-shirt and the tank into one cute style. There are so many colors, I want them all! Perfect to wear with jeans or over a bathing suit. 
6. This off the shoulder top is perfect for the season. I have the black but I also really want the lilac color... clearly I just want my shoulders out all spring/summer. I love this trend! 
7. Last but not least, a closet staple. This basic white tank is perfect for just throwing on with jeans or shorts and goes well with literally everything! I am slightly obsessed! 

What are some of your spring/summer go-to styles? Let us know in the comments!! Happy Spring!