The Most Perfect Fall Dress

Thursday, September 13, 2018

I wore this dress to go to dinner the other night in New York. This dress was perfect for walking around the city and I just loved how the dress moved with me. We went to Becco, an Italian restaurant where the daily special is three types of endless pasta... so I knew I needed a flowy dress in order to endlessly eat pasta... LOL We even ordered dessert so I was thankful I chose this dress!

This dress was simply perfect! I absolutely adore the the color and the floral pattern. It is just amazing for fall. I paired it with these open-toed mules for now because it isn't super cold yet. However, I do plan on pairing it with boots or booties as the season goes on! 

What is your favorite fall look? I am trying to style a few different ideas, but would love to know what you would want to see for fall! 

Let us know in the comments below! 

NYFW Party Dress

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Happy Tuesday!! I am so excited to share this look with you ladies because oh em gee! On Friday Night we had the pleasure of going to the Midori Linea party to launch her new collection called Skylights. The party was so fun, filled with champagne, music, a light show, and we even met new friends! But the jewelry collection was to die for and we each bought a custom made piece! Mary Kate's in on her hand in the last picture but mine is being handmade and shipped out this week. I will definitely share it on Instagram with you girls! So so excited 

We had the most amazing time and I obsessed with this dress from ASOS such an easy and fun party dress!! I will definitely be outfit repeating this look. 

Let us know in the comments what you would love to see more of on here ! I am happy to share as much content that YOU want to see! 

Best Basics to Transition to Fall

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Happy September!! I am so overly excited for Fall but not happy to be back in school. I love summer vacation but love fall weather more, so I guess I just have to compromise the nice weather with the schedule of a teacher 

Any who!! These shoes are the reason for this look. I bought these booties at Target and oh em gee, literally obsessed and will probably wear them on repeat. They are so comfy and the perfect height. They sit right at your ankle, so with a pair of rolled jeans they are simply perfect! I also think they would look great with a simple dress as well, I will try and style it and share it here!  

What is your favorite season and why?! 

Fall with Amazon

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Happy Tuesday Ladies !! Before I get started on how much I adore fall and this top, I want to say that I am totally giving in to my basic-ness this morning because right after I write this post I am headed to Starbucks to get a PSL because they're back!! 

So back to the good stuff, I ordered this top off Amazon because I adore the look and the color was just amazing. Well, it doesn't disappoint! It is just as beautiful in person as it was online and I think its perfect for fall, think winery and a light breeze. Right?! 

Also, these jeans are new and from Express and unbelievably comfortable ! They fit true to size but do have a little bit of a stretch to them. I definitely will be wearing them all fall! 

I guess I have to stop living in summer mode soon and start being a real person again, any tips on getting back into the groove of a schedule?! I would love to hear them! 

Back to School (Teacher Style) with Loft

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Happy August! I know its been a while since I published a post, but I have had a lot going on these past few weeks! Now, it is August and I am having permanent Sunday Scaries -- any other teachers relate?! I feel like I did none of the preparation that I wanted to do since June and I still need more time!! But -- all the back to school stuff does have me excited for fall and school. So many mixed emotions ! Ha! 

On to the outfit -- I bought both my top and skirt from Loft and I am obsessed. I paired the lighter pink with the skirt for now because it is still a transitional season. However, for the cooler seasons and days, I will definitely be pairing this skirt with a black chunky sweater! How cute?! The skirt is a pull on style WITH pockets! Awesome right?! 

Teacher (and not teachers if you want) followers - leave a comment letting me know your favorite and least favorite thing about back to school season, I would love to know! 

ASOS Off the Shoulder Black Dress

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

So funny story about this dress, I have had this dress for a few months and went to go shoot it with Mary Kate and we get to our shoot location and I forgot the dress. Needless to say, I've been waiting for this post and I am so excited to share it!! I made Mary Kate take these pictures in like 10 minutes before our dinner reservations! 

This dress from ASOS and I actually have it in floral from last year and it still looks brand new. So the quality is amazing. This dress fits very true to size and its actually on sale!! So make sure you act fast! 

What are some posts you would like to see ?! I would love to know what your interested in seeing from us, whether its recipes, fashion, beauty or anything else ! Please let us know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading 💖

New Orleans Travel Guide

Monday, July 23, 2018

Where to Stay: Chateau Le Moyne

We stayed at a Holiday Inn hotel a block from the ever popular Bourbon Street called Chateau Le Moyne. It was a great hotel with beautiful views. I loved our balcony and the room itself was very spacious, even with all of us girls! It was also such a safe location and they always had someone at the front desk, even in the early morning hours!

 Our Balcony

Our Pool

The turtles at the hotel!

Where to Eat: 

Before I get into all the delicious places we ate, the food in New Orleans is amazing and this by no means a comprehensive list of all of the amazing stops and restaurants. This is just where I have been and can recommend! But honestly, every single place looked amazingly delicious and I would go back just to try some more restaurants!!

Deanie's Seafood: A very casual and apparently a New Orleans staple. Our driver from the airport recommended it, so we stopped for lunch our first day. All I have to say is their drink list is amazing and if you leave without getting the crab meat nachos, you made a HUGE mistake. Their crab meat nachos were sooooo yummy and they were on homemade potato chips not tortilla chips!

Cafe Amelie: Our first night we ate at Cafe Amelie and the atmosphere spoke for itself. We ate outside in a beautiful and picturesque courtyard. It was later so it was lit by just string lights hanging from the trees. Very romantic but also very casual and chic. All of the food was delicious and their specialty drinks were amazing.

Sylvain: Our next night we ate at Sylvan's. It had a very dark and rustic atmosphere, so I couldn't get any good pictures to share! The food is all locally grown and sourced. I had a burger, which I never normally order out because I am not a huge burger fan, but this one was amazing. If I remember correctly, I ate the entire thing! Also, their specialty drinks are really fresh and delicious!

Pere Antoine: We actually ate here twice because it was so delicious and casual. A lot of places in New Orleans can be a little fancier, but this place was a beautiful atmosphere without being expensive. Their drinks are delicious and had an awesome New Orleans flair to them. They also give them to you in a to-go cup so you can take it with you after dinner! The beignet fries are delicious and so was their Creole Jambalya! Another fun thing is their entire menu is available all day, so you can get breakfast for dinner!

Galatoires: This was our fancy night out and it was probably my favorite place to eat! The restaurant is right on Bourbon street and absolutely gorgeous inside. The food was phenomenal and the service matched. They had the most delicious and fresh gumbo and the salmon was cooked perfectly. Our waitress was amazing and the entire staff was so friendly. Definitely a go-to spot!

SoBou Sunday Brunch: SoBou does a Sunday Brunch called Legs and Eggs. It is a three-course brunch with a Burlesque show that is performed all around the restaurant. We wanted to do brunch one day and this seemed like the perfect mix of New Orleans jazz and Brunch. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. They change their menu frequently to keep up with what is in season, but honestly everything was so good.

Central Grocery: This place is literally an Italian market, but they are known for this sandwich called a Muffuletta. Their website writes: The muffuletta sandwich is uniquely New Orleans from start to finish and nobody does it better than the originators, Central Grocery. Each sandwich is made on a 9″ round Sicilian sesame loaf that stays crusty despite all it’s messy fillings. It’s stuffed with ham, salami, Provolone and a signature briny marinated olive salad filled with Kalamata and green olives and other tasty pickled veggies. And oh my goodness, it was simply amazing. If you go to New Orleans and don't stop here, you need to go back right now. 

Sucre: This place calls itself a sweet boutique and that is exactly what it is! From macaroons and gelato downstairs to a beautiful casual dining spot with a balcony and champagne upstairs, you can't go wrong stopping here for bubbly and a sweet treat! I came home with macaroons because, well why not! 

Cafe Du Monde: Beignets. The best beignets in New Orleans and a must stop because when in NOLA!

French Truck Coffee: This place has the best coffee I have ever had! I am obsessed with their New Orleans blend and I went almost every single day.  I have been home for a week now and I am still talking about it! You can actually order coffee beans online and you know that I will be placing an order very soon!

What to Do:


We did three tours on our trip. Two of our tours were with Haunted History Tours and they did not disappoint. We did a haunted pub crawl, which was so fun and interesting. We also did a vampire tour which was my personal favorite! The stories told on both tours were spooky and intriguing while offering insight to New Orleans rich history.

Our other tour was a swamp tour with Cajun Encounters !! While I am definitely not an outdoorsy type girl and this tour was not my idea, it was so fun and really cool! I definitely recommend it, even though it can get very hot out in the swamp!


For live jazz and a calmer night out, I would go to Frenchman Street. There are so many bars along the street which have live jazz bands and music playing, it definitely is a really awesome atmosphere and a must see at least once while you're there!

Bourbon Street - some of the bars on and around the infamous Bourbon Street are Razzos for live music, Pat O'Brien's for the classic hurricane, Cat's Meow for karaoke, and The Swamp for a more DJ feel. However, every single bar along Bourbon Street is so fun and just the street itself can get a little wild. It definitely lives up to its reputation!

One night we took an Uber to Bacchanal Wine and they call it NOLA's Backyard Party. You walk in to a room filled with wine, buy a bottle, grab a few glasses, and head outback for some live music and wine. You can order food and just relax with your friends and a glass of wine. Its actually perfect and so casual. The atmosphere definitely makes you feel at home.

Most of these pictures are from my iPhone and insta-story but be sure to check out all the websites I have linked!! 

Best Girls 💕

Let us know if you have any questions or have been to any of these places in the comments! We would love to know! 

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