Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What is Whole30?


When broken down simply, Whole30 is just that- Whole (foods) for 30 (days)!  Different foods affect different people in different ways (kind of a no-brainer, right?)!  Have you ever felt bloated or just flat out crappy after  having ice cream or a carb-overloaded meal?  Or what exactly caused that upset stomach and that feeling of lethargy?  This is your body's response to digesting the various nutrients (macro, micro, or lack-there-of) in any given food.  How do you know exactly what is affecting you in what way?  You don't and you won't until you "strip [certain foods] from your diet completely.  Cut out all the psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for a full 30 days.  Let your body heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be causing. Push the “reset” button with your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and the downstream effects of the food choices you’ve been making.  Learn once and for all how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day to day life, and your long term health ("

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The Whole30 Program is so much more than a physical transformation, though!  It also focuses on the mental and emotional impact that food can have on people.  I can't say that I wasn't happy in the photo on the left (I mean check out that smile!)...I was in college studying what I wanted, hanging out with my friends and involved in all of my favorite extracurricular activities!  I can tell you though that I wasn't nourishing my body; I wasn't treating it well and I felt the effects- not sleeping well, feeling lazy and bogged down, etc., etc.!  The woman on the right can make the right food choices for HER body and feels amazing about the things I can accomplish with it!  And that, my friends, is the greatest feeling in the world.     

If this is the kind of change you think you're ready for, please check out the link below for the official program rules and how to join in on the September Whole30!

xoxo MKT   

*Disclaimer: I'm not the scientific expert in this field and this is where I must direct you to for more information!  I also highly recommend that you read It Starts with Food before embarking on this life-changing journey!

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