Thursday, August 18, 2016

Who Are We?

Hello Everyone! 

Our names are Talia and Mary Kate and we are Meals in Heels. We are here to give you our best tips, inspirations, and advice on looking your best and eating your best. We are combining our love for good and healthy food as well as amazing fashion and accessories. Can't wait to share all our fashion finds and healthy recipes with all of you! 

Hey Readers! My name is Talia and I am the "fashionista" of this blog. I am from South Jersey and a high school English teacher. Being in front of high schoolers every day, it is always imperative I look and feel my best. I strive to find affordable and amazing pieces whenever I go shopping, which is often. I love finding pieces that can easily be worn throughout the year. For example, this swing dress from ASOS is extremely light-weight for the summer, but paired with flats/boots and a scarf, it is a staple fall piece. Can't wait to share all my finds with you!   


Hello, friends!  I'm Talia's other half aka Mary Kate and I'm the "foodie" of our wonderful blog!  I was also born and raised in South Jersey and was lucky to meet this "fashionista" I call my best friend!  I'm a pediatric nurse and have always been interested in helping others!  After college, I started to realize that the foods I had been putting into my body weren't making me feel my best; so, I decided to finally "help myself" and began my food and (semi) fitness journey!  I used Instagram for helpful tips and inspiration and stumbled upon the Whole30 program which has truly changed my lifestyle for the better!  I can't wait to share my "foodie" journey with you and maybe be an inspiration to our lovely readers!  


For any questions about the clothes/food please leave us a comment!

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xoxo MKT

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