Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bra-blems and How to Fix Them!

People say beauty comes from within, and I think the same thing goes for fashion. We can have a beautiful dress on, but without the right undergarments underneath, the outfit falls short. We must be comfortable and well situated underneath of all those fabulous clothes in order for them to look and feel beautiful.

I am partnering with ThirdLove to share with you some of my “bra-blems” and some methods on how to fix them!

One problem that I have constantly is slipping out of my bra. I find myself having to re-adjust the cups in my bra, which is never an attractive site. However, I have recently discovered that sizing up in the cup size and down on the band size can eliminate this problem! What a simple and easy fix!

Another problem is slippery straps. I feel like am I ALWAYS adjusting them because they’re never just right. Did you know they stretch?! For some reason I found that to be an eye-opening fact. I should have known this, but never thought about it. However, yet another simple fix: tighten your straps once a month. This will help alleviate the slippery straps. If that doesn’t work: try a bra with a narrower strap like the Full Coverage, Semi, or Convertible Bras from ThirdLove

For other solutions and common “bra-blems” check out the image below! AND because we want everyone to have the perfect fit and bra, when shopping at ThirdLove use our special promo code at check-out for a discount on your purchase: TLNOVBB15

These bras are GORGEOUS and have the most amazing fit.

Share some of your bra-blems in the comments section and maybe together, we can find a solution to keep us all beautiful on the inside and out

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