Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Whole 30 Approved Emergency Food

(some of them can be stocking stuffers for the foodie in your life!)

I don’t know about you ladies and gents, but this girl HATES being caught HANGRY.  I remember when I was introduced to that word in college and how it encompassed my exact feelings when I was way passed a meal time.  Running from class to clinicals to meetings and rehearsals…no wonder I was having that hangry feeling so much!  I wish I was introduced to the Whole30 back then because I would’ve been a CHAMP at NOT being hangry!  Anyways, I’m so glad I never go hangry anymore thanks to these amazing whole foods and products! *

First off, whenever possible, you should have a nice balanced meal already packed (pat yourself on the back for that meal prep you did earlier in the week!) for work, etc.  Enter real world situation…you were crunched for time, you were just feeling lazy, or you haven’t gone food shopping for wayyyy too long.  You might be able to find something healthy and filling in your work cafeteria or across the street, but if you can’t or you’re on-the-go and just need something to hold you over until your meal later on you want to make sure you have these staples stashed in your purse backpack, car, snack drawer at work, locker, etc.!  A mix of protein and fats is best to keep you full for a longer period of time.  Take a look at some of these options below!  I like mixing my fruit with almond butter and eating an avocado with a hard boiled egg, too!  Just a few ideas!    

 *Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by any of these brands, we just love them! 


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