Thursday, June 15, 2017

Obsessed with Blue and White

I have been waiting to wear this outfit for MONTHS now and finally decided to just go for it! I usually get so nervous wearing white pants because I spill everything all the time. However, I did it and they're still white!! 

Anyway, these white pants are by Hue and I got them at Nordstrom. A fun fact, they're, LEGGINGS that look and feel just like denim but stretch and fit like leggings. I have them in a few other styles because they're that comfortable. Also, this chambray top is so cute and versatile. I love it with the white because I feel like the blue just pops. It is such a summery outfit that I might just keep repeating it every time its not sweltering outside. I am linking everything at the bottom of this post so you can just click and order away! 

Finally, for all my fellow teachers out there who read this blog, HAPPY SUMMER! You all deserve a much needed break away from students and grading. I know I am looking forward to no more alarms and getting to drink coffee and eat on my own time! Cheers and enjoy! 

What is every one's plan for summer? I am headed to Nashville next week for my best friend's bachelorette! Anyone have any MUST sees for us?? I am super stoked! 

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