Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blogging Anniversary + Things We have Learned our First Year

We are officially one year old! Therefore we would like to take this time to share with you our experiences, the trials and tribulations, and some harsh truths that we have encountered throughout our journey. 

We were in Nashville here! Sometime the best photos are the ones you don't plan --  we love this pic! 
Over the past few years social media has become one of the biggest advertising markets. Blogging, Instagramming, and Tweeting are all avenues that have taken over the fashion industry, the food industry, and even traveling. Due to the high demand of this market, it is really difficult to find your niche, stand out, and become relevant in a market that is so heavily saturated. When we started this blog, we understood that our success and popularity was not going to be over night. However, we did not think it would be as difficult as it has been to be find ourselves in such a popular market. 

The biggest challenge has been finding the right marketing service to really help dive into our careers as bloggers. We had a vision when we started and realized that sometimes that vision needs to be changed but at the same time we need to stay true to ourselves and not get overwhelmed with being perfect. Working with companies, such as NJ SEO Services can really help to develop your blog and get the traffic it deserves. When we started this blog, we were convinced that just putting quality content out there and sharing it with both of our extended networks, eventually someone would notice us. However, that has not been the case. NJ SEO Services is a digital marketing agency in both New Jersey and Georgia. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates to where you come up in the search engine. From experience, we can both that we have hardly gone past the second page in a Google search, so why would anyone else? Dan Anton and Matt Anton started this company with the experience and care behind them to truly create a marketing agency with their customers image in mind. Just one click on their website and reading some of the testimonials by those who have worked with both Dan and Matt truly is inspiring. This company keeps the customer in mind and works with them to create a website that will generate the right type of traffic and keep up with the demands of their competitors. In the heavily saturated online market, NJ SEO Services works with their customers rather than for them to ensure a product that is reflective of the creator but can stand up to their competitors. 

In addition with finding the right marketing agency, staying focused and taking time out to decompress are also really good tips to not becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. Recently, we began doing yoga classes to mellow out and find our zen. I was never a huge fan of yoga because I felt the need to feel like I was working out rather than just stretching but Hot Yoga is extremely helpful and really feels like more than just stretching. I feel totally connected to my body, relaxed, and recharged. It has become something that really helps to destress and find focus. Because this market really puts your own self image out for the public to see, finding something that allows you to feel good about yourself and focused on just relaxing is really the only way to find success. Being present in our own lives and not just the ones we create online is truly the best way to recharge. 

In addition to taking time out to recharge and focusing on yourself, spending time with family and friends is crucial. Lucky for us, we are friends and a lot of our content comes from time spent together. However, taking a break from answering emails, responding to social media comments, commenting on posts, and posting in general, really allows for some of the best content to be created organically. For example, this picture below was taking after running a million errands together and heading to an appointment together, we stopped at a little local cafe for lunch. We had been trying so hard to get to Heartbeat Kitchen  for lunch and finally found a random day to go! We were not planning this, it wasn't something we thought would make a great picture for our blog, but it turned out to be an amazing and post-worthy experience! 


Finally, taking time out to be yourself and experience life organically makes the best posts and memories. This past weekend, I was with family down the shore celebrating our cousins birthday and I was completing disconnected from my blogging life and came home Sunday night recharged and ready to tackle the week. Sometimes focusing on what you need rather than what your blog needs allows you to spark some natural creativity. It works the same with writing. Sometimes the best way to tackle writers block is to step away and experience life rather than stressing about what your next post will be or how you didn't post anything that day. Sometimes when we stress about how we look online or what if this post doesn't get as many likes, we end up with content that we settled for or is too staged and planned. This is probably one of the best pictures I have taken and it was completely unplanned, with my brother, and its genuine. 


Even the one of the founders of NJ SEO Services takes time out of his busy schedule to spend time with his young daughter. Just a simple reminder to all of us to sometimes pause and enjoy the small fleeting moments in our lives.

Matt Anton pictured with his daughter
Remembering why we started this blog, what we hope to accomplish, and that we are here to inspire and give insights to is something that we need to keep remembering. We are not perfect, life is not perfect, we don't always look our best, or eat our best but people want something that is real and not something that is staged for a post. We still enjoy Chick fil A once in a while or even just lounging in our yoga pants and hoodies. When we started this journey we wanted to stay true to who we are and what we stand for and luckily a year later, none of that has changed. 

Always remember to keep your focus, make a plan, deviate from that plan if it makes sense at the time, enjoy your coffee, do your research, and be YOU. Never lose sight of your purpose for an Instagram like or a sponsored blog post. Stay true to you and success will come. 

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